Welcome to Bringing Hope. We pray that you find it in your heart to visit us often.

Bringing Hope is a small 501c3 that seeks to help the poor, disadvantaged children and families of Peru. My wife, Milena, and I, Jack Meier, have been active in HIS work for over 12 years now. We tend to the needy in various ways:

  • Through feeding centers that provide a nutritious lunch to youngsters, before or after their school shifts
  • Through pre-fab housing projects that provide basic shelter to those in the mountains ringing Lima, Peru
  • Through fund-raising activities that allow us to bring Christmas to these young ones---a toy and a meal

Our goal is not to be the biggest charitable organization out there. Rather we want to help those who cross our paths. To that end, as various community needs are brought to our attention, we ask you to contribute to Bringing Hope by purchasing items associated with individual projects. For example, one family might need a roof repair, one might need beds and bedding, another might need a propane stove to prepare meals... the list goes on.

We usually buy materials for each project and find neighborhood volunteers to supply the labor. Thus everyone has a stake in the project, neighbor helping neighbor. They see that improvements to the "barrio" benefit them all. This also helps us reduce the cost for these repairs.

Please visit our Contribute page to find ways you may be able to help.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.
Jack & Milena Meier
If we Each do a little, We can All do a lot

Bringing Hope
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